Spartan Mower

Trailsport Motors is Proud to be Offering Spartan Mowers in our Lineup.

The Spartan. Until now, no manufacturer has offered such quality components and expert engineering into a strong, innovative, comfortable and affordable mower.  

Building from the ground up, we took the best features of the leading mowers on the market...clean, even cut, longest durability, most simplistic design, and strongest frame. We researched, and then researched some more. We found problems and fixed them. We tested, and then tested some more. The result is the Spartan, a mower we believe is the best possible machine on the market.  

Our success with Intimidator in the side-by-side and UTV industry has positioned us well. Our experience and years in the mower industry has prepared us with the knowledge to build an exceptional machine. We are proud to be American made. All our Spartan Mowers are hand-crafted in Batesville, Arkansas with American steel, workers and muscle. America, you will love how the Spartan looks, feels and performs.

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The newest model, the Spartan RZ Series, performs like a commercial grade mower with a residential price! For lawns of all sizes, the RZ Pro is Spartan's most affordable option and is equipped with the standard features that make Spartan stand out from the rest like GT Trac for the best incline traction, easy touch brake system, the ergonomic cockpit, foot assist easy-lift deck, our simplistic design for easy add-ons and maintenance, and the state-of-the-art push start instrument panel. 
The RZ starts at $5,279

The RT-HD is a heavy duty commercial mower, offering fleet-like pricing to everyday buyers. There is not another commercial mower that offers such value. Starting price is $5,939 making the RT Series the most decked-out mowers on the planet at an incredibly affordable price.

The Spartan SRT Series offers PRO, HD and XD version mowers from small to large commercial jobs. The SRT Series has everything the RT is packed with...GT Trac for incline traction, easy touch brake system, and ergonomic cockpit. With one exception...the SRT has even more. The most prominent feature is Smart Ride Technology. All SRT Series mowers are equipped with the Smart Ride Technology package. Middle and back Elastomer TecsPak® and front neoprene cushioning absorb any shock or jostling. This, along with our soft ride rear radial tires and our frame design with neoprene torsion bar makes the SRT the smoothest riding mower on the planet. It's like riding in a sports car. And it cuts like a dream. Go ahead, try it out. It's not like any other mower out there. Experience the difference.

Starting price is $7,259 making the SRT Series the most decked-out mowers on the planet at an incredibly affordable price. 

Please call us or Stop in for more information, or click the tab below to go to the Spartan Mower website.
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